Garlic forum in the Kherson region

The Garlic Forum (organizers: public organization “Earth of Tavria" and Ukraine Horticulture Business Development Project/UHBDP) took place on June 12, 2018 (Kucheryavlovidimirivka and Chaplinka, Kherson region), which was attended by more than 200 garlic producers from different regions of Ukraine. Eduard Malchenko, Phytopathologist of Green Team LLC, addressed farmers with a detailed description of the problems they had faced with their own experiences and presented the secrets of increasing the immunity of garlic and modern, effective methods for fighting diseases and pests.

We are grateful to the UHBDP for the opportunity to share their own experience in the production of vegetable products for the successful development of domestic agrarian business!


Succeeding Stories of Niche Cultures: Butternut Squash & Sweet Potatoes

Green Tim continues to actively collaborate with the UHBDP Ukrainian Fruit And Vegetable Business Development Project.

On May 17, 2018, Andrey Kozlov (director of the Dniprovska Pearlyna farm) took part in the Work Shop "Success Stories of Niche Cultures" as a speaker and gladly gained ground with the participants in his own experience of growing Butternut Squash and so far unusual for Ukraine Cultures like Sweet Potatoes. Particularly interesting was the participants to listen to our own - experimental - technology of growing and reproduction of Sweet Potatoes, profitability and prospects of cultivating this exotic culture.


When the Ukrainian onion will appear on the shelves of Scandinavian supermarkets

Denis Sazonov, CEO of Green Team LLC, told about the difficulties of growing and storage of vegetables in Ukraine, entering the UK market and the prospects for cooperation with the Ukrainian HoReCa.

The company "Green Team" LLC was founded in 2010 as a multifunctional vegetable storage facility in Kakhovka, Kherson region. At the time of building, the storage facility with a capacity of 50,000 tons was one of the largest in Eastern Europe. The enterprise is equipped with modern lines for sorting, peeling and packing of products. During its existence, the company has established itself in growing of "borsch set” vegetables, in vegetables storing, as well as exporting of "niche" vegetables to the EU market. The owner of the company is the private investment British fund Delin Capital.



This year Magazine «The Ukrainian Farmer» traditionally defined the top 100 agricultural enterprises according to the results of 2016, among them - the company "Green Team" in nomination "The increase of export."


Lessons of the Russian embargo. Results of the thirteenth international conference

From 29th of November till the 1st of December Kyiv has gathered the leading Ukrainian and foreign participants of fruit and vegetable producing business under the thirteenth international conference "Fruits and Vegetables of Ukraine-2016. Profitable solutions. "

According to industry experts` opinion, last season the producers of «borsch set» in Ukraine are managed to earn quite well due to record high prices during the period of placing it into storage. As a result, many farmers have decided to increase the area under almost all vegetable crops, hoping to get a good profit during current season.


Promotion of the brand Green Team

Yesterday, on the 31th of October, peeled onions left Green Team and went to Great Britain in such branded lorry.

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of branding of the products advertising and creating company`s image.

So, we promote our own brand Green Team.

Discovering the real Ukrainian vegetables to the world and make the brand recognizable on the European market!


12th of October 2016

This time «Vegetable workshop» of Syngenta wasn`t carry out at the demonstration researches areas, it was at the fields of «Dniprovska Perlyna». Those, who wasn`t afraid of the captious weather, got a lot of new useful information about promising varieties of cabbage and methods to combat diseases and pests from the leading experts of «Syngenta Ukraine» Mykola Dovgal and Svitlana Choli.


25 brands of Kherson region

TV channel «Tviy plus» has started a launch of program series "25 brands of Kherson region" which are aimed to promote investment preferences of Kherson region. One of the series is dedicated to the company "Green Team" which today is not only the biggest versatile vegetable storage in Ukraine but also one of the leading companies of the vegetable market - a real brand of the agricultural Kherson region.

The TV serie can be found here:

Season 2016. Photo report from the fields

July report from the fields of «Dniprovska perlyna»: research area with bushes of blueberries, which have already got accustomed to a place.

Field of asparagus (Aspáragus). The root celery. Watermelons «Batternat». Field of garlic (for seeds) is almost ripe. We are gradually expanding an assortment of vegetables.
Experimenting with different sorts and adapt it according to our southern climate. And traditionally vegetables: carrots, onions, cabbage, potatoes.


Potato season has started

On the «Dnyprovska Perlyna» fields the harvest season of 2016 has started.

On the 28th of June the first 20 tons of potatoes were gathered and sent to the BILLA nets of supermarkets.

This year the Green Team company started its cooperation with BILLA Ukraine to carry out a media project which is called «BILLA GARDENS».
The project aims to increase confidence and loyalty of consumers to the fruits and vegetables which are produced domestically.


Green Team at AGRO-2016

On June 10, 2016 AgTech Forum "At the intersection of high technology and agriculture" was held in the National Complex “Expocenter of Ukraine” within the framework of the XXVIII International Agroindustrial exhibition “AGRO-2016”.
All Ukrainian event was attended by owners and managers of outstanding agricultural companies, farmers and private landowners, representatives providing agriculture-consulting services, IT companies, software developers, financial and insurance companies.

Green Team at AGRO-2016


Agrarian Elite of Ukraine

On May 13, 2016 in Kiev National Philharmonic of Ukraine an awarding ceremony of "Agrarian Elite of Ukraine” took place. Ukrainian agricultural magazine “The Ukrainian Farmer” has named TOP 100 most effective Ukrainian agricultural enterprises according to the results of 2015. Green Team has won the award in the category “The Increase of Exports".

Photo: Denis Sazonov (Managing Director) and Dmitriy Cherevatov (Commercial Director) at the Awarding Ceremony.

For photo report of Agrarian Elite of Ukraine, please follow the link below:


The world is changing. How is Vegetable World changing?

On February 25, 2016 Green Team ran its Annual Conference.

This year the Conference was held under the title of "The world is changing. How is Vegetable World changing?"
Participants were convinced that Vegetable Word is changing actively too!

Innovative anti-stress technologies for growing vegetables, ozonic environment for storage and transportation, successful experience in selling frozen vegetables on foreign markets - all this is an indicator of positive changes in the vegetable market.

Green Team Conference Photo Report. February 25, 2016


Annual conference ''The world is changing. How is Vegetable World changing?''

February 25, 2016
Green Team vegetable storage, Kakhovka
Green Team continues the practice of our Annual Conference for vegetable producers, as we believe that experience exchange and cooperation strengthen partnership approach and contribute to the successful development of vegetable business.


First five years of Green Team operating on Fresh Vegetable Market

On November 11, 2015 Green Team celebrated its five-year anniversary.

Is five years of development and operation on unpredictable Ukrainian fresh vegetable market a short or a long period? It was obviously a long and hard way of establishing a developing business on unpredictable vegetable market.


Green Team production certified under the ISO 22000:2005 international standard

Green Team has successfully passed Food Safety Management Certification related to ISO 22000:2005 international standard.
Green Team being a leading vegetable growing, processing, cold storage and sales company in Ukraine, has independently implemented Food Safety Management System in Kakhovka modern storage and confirmed its compliance to the requirements of the ISO 22000:2005 international standard – “Food Safety Management Systems. Requirements for any organization in the food chain”.


Green Team has received GLOBAL G.A.P Certificate

On August 28, Green Team has received Global G.A.P certification of own-brand vegetable products: onions, cabbage and red beet. We have come a long and laborious way to obtain the Global G.A.P certificate (G.A.P.- Good Agricultural Practice).

Global G.A.P certificate implies recognition of the reliability and quality of our products, the ability to supply vegetables to European supermarket chains. As of today, Global G.A.P standards are recognized in more than 100 countries, opening new opportunities for Ukrainian producers.

Onion Peeling business is established in Green Team

In July 2015, a significant event took place in Green Team industrial zone. New onion peeling area was put into operation
A modern semi-automated onion peeling line meets strict EU food safety requirements. Production capacity of the line is 10 tons of onions per shift. Launching the line allowed the Company to create 75 new jobs.


Green Team is the official distributor of Ukrainian asparagus under “GourmeT from Lyubimovka” brand name

On April 25, 2015 an exceptional event took place in Kiev in one of “Good Wine” shops. Ukrainian farmers producing natural food products were the main participants of the Farmers Day event.


New Prospects for Dniprovska Perlyna farm

Green Team begins implementation of Own Growing Project to cultivate vegetables of Borsch set.
The Company plans to grow onions, carrots and beets on an irrigated area of 50 ha on Dniprovska Perlyna farm.

Leading specialists intend to apply advanced technologies to grow vegetable for long-term storage. Such an experience will lead to a better understanding of the problems arising during long-term storage.


Large seed companies’ representatives spoke about the prospects of the current season: “The main thing is to remain optimistic!”

In the March issue Plantator magazine published a quite extensive review material regarding the results of the practical conference, which took place in Green Team multifunctional vegetable storage facility.

The author of the material, Oksana Ruzhenkova, paid the main attention to the vegetable market assessment on immediate prospects made by the leading experts, whom she managed to talk to during her stay in Kakhovka. Although the analysts forecast that the vegetable market dynamics in 2015/16 season will be reduced by 30-40%, large B2B companies’ opinion is somewhat different.


Kherson region: large-scale producers do not plan to reduce vegetable growing areas

The Company conducted an anonymous survey among farmers during the second annual Green Team Vegetable Conference, which took place on February 19, 2015.
45 farmers having 30 000 ha of arable land (7 200 ha under vegetables) participated in the survey – mainly representatives of Kherson region.

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