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Green Team Production Laboratory

One of the most important company’s functional areas is Green Team production laboratory. Its major function is to control quality at all stages of the supply, processing and production processes.

During receiving inspection of incoming material, sampling of products from each truck is carried out in three different points. In the laboratory the selected samples are divided into fractions by waste types, weighed and the resulting figures are converted into percentages. 

The Company reserves the right to refuse acceptance of goods and storage services if critical parameters significantly affect cold storage life.

The critical parameters include:

• rotten vegetables;
• vegetable affected by mold, bacteriosis;
• soft, mechanically damaged vegetables (at the depth of 1 cm);
• presence of root ticks, fly larvae;
• high product temperature: from 37 °C;
• frostbitten vegetables.
Among critical parameters, the following non-standard ones are identified: deformed vegetables, vegetables with natural cracks, naked (onions), damaged by pests, with size and diameter discrepancy and presence of any admixtures. Thus, the Client and Quality Assurance Department of the Company receive information on the product quality for further long-term storage.

Farmers’ representatives are required to be present at truck reception point during their product unloading.   Product quality is key to the Company; therefore, the input control results on each lot accepted for storage are communicated to Managing Director and department heads of the Company.  

Besides organoleptic estimation, Green Team laboratory measures residual amounts of nitrate and dry matter content, monitors to verify the compliance with our Partners’ specification at every production stage.

New, but a very important laboratory course of development is conducting a comprehensive phytopathological examination of plants. Green Team production laboratory has high-quality equipment from leading manufacturers. Our specialists with extensive experience are regular participants of conferences and seminars from leading agricultural companies, who are annually trained for improvement in their qualification.



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