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From Field to Customer

At the End of the Twentieth Century, an acute problem of product security arose in Europe. To ensure consumer protection and safe food production, many governments around the world established a series of food safety standards to systematically control food quality at all stages of production. In 1947, a coordinating body, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), was established aimed at ratifying standards, developed by joint efforts of delegates from different countries. 

Owners of retail chains faced the same problem regarding primary production, which includes plant products. As a result, Global GAP Program (Good Agricultural Practice) – a general integrated standard for primary production – was established. Unlike other standards, Global GAP’s key feature is that the safety of the entire cycle of growing is assessed, starting from seed material and ending with final products. Only European laboratories certified according to ISO 17025 provide pesticide and agro-chemical residue testing.

Since Green Team business is based on European principles, meeting the highest EU quality standards is our first priority. 
So far, our Company has developed and implemented our own product identification mechanisms, based on European standards. We are able to identify our suppliers, production stages of supplied vegetables, buyers, sales time and date, transportation type and delivery stages in detail. This procedure is based on "one step forward one step back" approach, which means that the Company has a system allowing identification of any supplier and customer in detail. We are able to identify any product lot at any production or sales stage. 

Green Team has passed a number of changes and improvements when implementing quality management system based on the HACCP principles. Being a high-quality food products producer, we aimed obtaining the respective certificate. On July 18, 2015 our products have successfully passed certification audit for compliance with (ISO) 22000:2005 standard – “Food Safety Management Systems. Requirements for any organization in the food chain”.

On August 28, Green Team has received Global G.A.P certification of own-brand vegetable products: onions, cabbage and red beet grown on our own farm – Dniprovska Perlyna.
The certification process provides complete control over the growing technology. 

The objects of the certification are

• soil
• seeding material
• fertilizer system
• irrigation
• integrated plant protection system
• harvesting
• post-harvest processing
• storage
• staff qualifications
• safety and health regulation
• equipment condition
• product traceability
• protection of the environment.

Receiving Global GAP certificate is a recognition of Dniprovska Perlyna farm achievements, implementing best agricultural practices to grow high-quality Kherson vegetables. The certificate guarantees security of Green Team branded products to Ukrainian and European Consumers.

Global GAP certificate does not only confirm that the producer meets all food safety requirements, but also proves the high level of consciousness and responsibility to the Consumer.

The implementation of the HACCP system in the Company is an essential tool for a structured approach to control identified hazards - critical control points. The HACCP system ensures fulfilment in good faith of industrial and agricultural practices’ execution by identifying and controlling hazards as well as providing product quality traceability throughout the production chain - from field, suppliers of raw materials to finished products.

Evidence of the quality of our work is awards from the leading international certification bodies and audits of European companies (to whom we supply our products), which we have successfully passed.

 We strive to be perfect!

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