Quality Control

From Field to Customer

Business of Green Team is exclusively based on European principles. That is why meeting the highest EU quality standards is our priority.
So far, we have developed and implemented our own mechanisms to identify vegetable products according to Global GAP standards.

Global GAP certificate does not only confirm high quality of our products, but also proves the high level of consciousness and responsibility to the Consumer.

Production Laboratory

One of the most important company’s functional areas is Green Team production laboratory. Its major function is to control quality at all stages of the supply, processing and production processes.
During receiving inspection of incoming material, sampling of products from each truck is carried out in three different points. In the laboratory the selected samples are divided into fractions by waste types, weighed and the resulting figures are converted into percentages.

Storage Technology

Storage technology begins 14 days prior to harvesting.
Specialist team starts monitoring fields of potential suppliers, conducting product sampling, gathering information about PPP application. Selected samples are taken for comprehensive phytopatological examination and the received results give the insight into condition of the product during preparation and long-term storage.

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