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Our goal is to become the LEADING vertically integrated producer and trader of Ukrainian vegetables on national and international markets, leveraging the agriculture potential of the region and Green Team’s assets.
Green Team development concept is based on Company’s key competences:
• western culture of business management based on transparency and planning principles, focused on long-term partnership;
• growing high-quality vegetable products in own farm;
• ability for quality and high capacity long-term storage of vegetables;
• experience in working with national retail chains, processers and wholesalers;
• trust relationship with local farmers;
• positive and known brand on B2B market in Ukraine.
  The main tasks to achieve strategic objectives are the following: 
• Further development of major client segments: Retail chains and International traders / Importers / Processors;
• Increasing own growing production in Dneprovska Perlyna farm;
• Increasing the volume purchased from third parties and implementing new approaches of cooperation with farmers;
• Developing Storage, Processing and Packaging Business by improving vegetable quality using mechanized processes and increasing the volume and quality of finished goods.
A key role in Strategy implementation relies on increasing own production potential to grow high quality vegetables. Own production increase will be based on adopting Best Practice by developing a Center of Excellence identifying and implementing best global practices in vegetable growing for mechanical harvesting in southern Ukraine.

It is the own production that has to become a platform for development and implementation of Quality Management System to reach superior exportable vegetable products quality parameters. In the future, this model will be used as Green Team development tool for ALL sourcing, which will allow international quality Global Gap & HACCP (ISO 22000) certification.

The purpose of our business fully corresponds to Ukrainian agriculture sector’s priority: providing consumers with affordable products of high quality, increasing agricultural potential, further integration into the global trading system and occupying a leading and advanced position within international food industry.
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