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Dniprovska Perlyna Farm

A key role in Green Team’s Business Development Strategy is increasing the Company’s own production of high quality vegetables grown on Dniprovska Perlyna farm.
Dniprovska Perlyna, PrJSC  (1200 ha) is situated in the Southern part of Ukraine in the Kherson region, just south of the Dnipro river, 47 km south-west of Kakhovka. The farm currently equates to about 450 ha of irrigated land, but there are also a further 650 ha of adjoining unirrigated land available.
A major advantage is that Dniprovska Perlyna farm has its own irrigation system. A Pump Station (2009), equipped with 3 pumps having a total capacity of 1850 cubic meters per 1 hour. There is an independent source of water taken from the Dnieper river. 4 kilometers of plastic pipes have been laid in the ground to deliver water to 8 strategically located hydrants in the field.
Infrastructure of the farm can fully provide full cycle of quality process during the calendar year and includes various warehouses for fertilizers, stores for cooling and temporary storage, machinery workshop and accommodation for staff of 150 people.
Dniprovska Perlyna farm has unique opportunities for growing a wide range of high-quality crops, including early ones due to light soils and a favorable climate.
Combination of the possibilities of the Producer (Dniprovska Perlyna farm) and the experience of the leading regional Player for marketing, trading, storage & distribution services of vegetables and produce (Green Team) creates a continuous chain of reliable high quality vegetable supply to domestic and foreign markets. 

Green Team has ambitious development plans, which are of comprehensive nature and imply not only expansion of vegetable storage facilities, but also introduction of modern experience, knowledge and agricultural technologies for growing own vegetables on Dniprovska Perlyna farm.  We plan to expand our vegetable production by adopting Best Practice and developing a Center of Excellence identifying and implementing best global practices in vegetable growing for mechanical harvesting in southern Ukraine.

In the short term we intend to gradually expand the usual assortment of vegetables and grow crops, which are not as widespread such as leek, asparagus and celery. 

Company’s business plan regarding increasing vegetable crop production using irrigation is successfully implemented this year. Successful practice to grow vegetables on our own farm does not only encourage us to increase our production capacity, but also opens up new opportunities for cooperation with the farmers of Kherson region and Ukraine.

This is a real opportunity to create an effective agrarian cluster in vegetable production, which is able to provide high level of Ukrainian vegetables’ competitiveness on global markets.  Cooperation between Dniprovska Perlyna farm and Green Team allows implementation of the cluster approach as a successful business tool that will provide new development opportunities.

Own growing provides significant advantages to create long-term projects in order to achieve the following strategic objectives:

• preparation and usage of high-quality seeding materials;

• introduction of common technologies;

• providing favorable conditions to implement Quality Management System;

• qualified staff training, including practical experience;

• possibility to increase high-quality production volume;

• export volume increasing.

Global G.A.P certificate implies recognition of the reliability and quality of our products, the ability to supply vegetables to European supermarket chains. As of today, Global G.A.P standards are recognized in more than 100 countries, opening new opportunities for Ukrainian producers.


Global G.A.P certificate is testimony to the fact that

  • Green Team vegetables are grown on healthy soils;
  • appropriate conditions for employees are created;
  • waste disposal standards are followed;
  • application of plant protection products is carried out in accordance with EU rules and regulations;
  • biological environment is not disturbed.

 Global GAP standards aimed not only at providing end consumers with high quality products that do not interfere with health, but also at protecting the environment.


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