Green Team Peeled Onions

In July 2015, a new onion peeling line was put into operation in Green Team facility. This new business activity has great potential for our Company. Peeled onions are in high demand in both domestic and foreign markets. The highest product quality is achieved by combining modern equipment and labor-intensive activity.

A semi-automated onion peeling line, assembled in Green Team production area, meets strict EU food safety requirements. Production capacity of new line is 10 tons of onions per shift. Launching the line allowed the Company to create 75 new jobs.

This event was preceded by a hard work of the leading company’s experts carrying out a comprehensive review of world and EU markets to identify potential customers. Peeled onions are highly desirable in the EU. Provided that the goods are of high quality, Kherson onions stand a good chance to compete with Polish ones in the EU market.

Green Team has also studied technical capacity and onion peeling methods, their advantages and disadvantages.
There are several methods of automatic onion peeling: mechanical and abrasive peeling.
Mechanical peeling involves calibration by size and mandatory axis orientation to cut onion necks, which requires human labor.
The onion to be peeled using abrasive peeling is fed onto abrasive rollers or fed into a rotating bowl, which is lined with abrasive. Abrasive peeling also requires manual labor to fully remove onion skin, while a large amount of waste is produced. Onions may be infected by diseases, which spread from other damaged bulbs as onions are processed in one bunker in close contact with each other.

The Company made the right decision to launch a semi-automated onion peeling line using manual labor as experts and our Customer highly praised the high quality of Green Team peeled onions, compliance with food safety requirements and its excellent marketable condition. Onion peeling production line is assembled by leading European manufacturers.

Upmann Verpackungsmaschinen equipment (Germany) is used for weighing, grading and packaging peeled onions. Alup compressed air equipment (Germany) ensures final cleaning of the product.

Interrol conveyor metal detector (Germany) provides ultimate inspection of packed goods before shipment.
The first lot of the highest quality peeled onions came off the line on July 7, 2015. A week later Kherson onions under Green Team brand name in the amount of 20 tons were delivered to destination point - to the good old United Kingdom.

More than 20 refrigerator trucks with Green Team peeled onions, grown and processed in Ukraine (Kakhovka), have been delivered to the United Kingdom so far.
Currently Green Team continues to develop the European market and explore new opportunities to increase exports of peeled onions.

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