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Vegetable Processing and Packaging

Specially selected processing lines provide washing, polishing, sorting and packaging for carrots, beets and potatoes. This equipment has been carefully selected and made by Dutch, German and Danish companies.  The lines divide the product by the diameter and length and have the function of polishing carrots as well.

Dutch onion processing, calibrating and packaging line removes onion necks and sorts the bulbs by diameter. The line is equipped with two weight stations and three automatic packaging machines to pack onions into 1-25 kg mesh bag depending on packing size.  

Теchnological line for processing, sorting and packaging cabbage has been selected using Dutch technology. The line is gently cleaning the cabbage from top leaves with the help of air-pressure, ensuring the minimal damage of cabbage. After that, the product passes through special sorting equipment, where it is calibrated by weight. After processing the product is packed into mesh bag.

The capacity of carrot wash line is 18 tons per hour. Washing area is equipped with a setting to dry the product after washing. The line includes a weight station, which gives portions of the product from 1,5 to 25 kg depending on the needs of up to 10 grams.





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