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Box Making for Storing Vegetables

To ensure the ideal conditions for storing vegetables, Green Team is manufacturing and assembling wooden containers in the premises of its own sawing workshop.

Key Features

Our wooden containers are made ​​of high-quality Carpathian spruce. The base of the box is strengthened with planks of hardwood, wood (oak and acacia) for greater resistance to impact from the forklift. We produce high quality assembled boxes with aesthetic execution, which can also be used for multi-level storage (up to 8 layers).

Container assembling is made ​​based on proven designs. To produce Green Team storage containers high quality materials are used: screw galvanized nails, galvanized screws and corners for structure reinforcement.

 We also supply our Clients with all necessary spare parts:

• galvanized metal corners;

• box elements (sides and bottoms);

• wooden work pieces of all sizes to repair the boxes.

 To ensure the long-life performance, containers are glued with quality glue D4 brand made ​​in Germany. 

Types of containers


Our boxes are produced according to Dutch technologies: 

  • Universal box with heightened ventilation. (can be used for all kinds of vegetables)
  • Lightweight Cabbage box
  • Box with shelves for Chinese Cabbage 

    + Adaptation of each type of boxes on individual request of the Client

 Our Advantages

Working with us, our Customers can be sure that the order will be completed in time, and the quality will meet all European standards. We offer different ways of boxes delivery and provide the possibility of boxes assembling at the Customer’s premises. 

We also have the opportunity to carry out shipment by:

  • rail transport;
  • аutomobile transport (CPT or EXW)

Minimum order: 500 boxes

We guarantee high quality of our products and long-life performance, which will greatly reduce your repair costs and container renovation in the future.









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