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Green Team key business activity is trading vegetables on both domestic and foreign markets. Our products on domestic market are sold through large Retail Chains, such as METRO, VARUS, BILLA etc., using our own up and running trade channels.
Green Team is looking to cooperate with Farmers, who can grow high quality vegetables, but not willing to waste any more time and go through any effort of searching clients, product handling, shipping and sales procedures.
We have the necessary technical capabilities and experience in trading vegetable products through the leading Retailers of Ukraine. Within five years, “Green Team” brand has become well known and got recognized on the Fresh Vegetable Market.

Processing and Packaging

Specially selected processing lines providing stages for washing, polishing, sorting and packaging of carrot and red beets and potatoes. This equipment has been carefully selected and made by Dutch, German and Danish companies pending type of operation and stage. The line has the ability to divide the product by the diameter and length, also has the function of polishing carrots. Washing area is equipped with a basin of circulating water of 800 m3. There is also a water disinfection unit.

Cold Storage

The capacity of the cold storage is 50 000 tons with total volume of 180 000 m3. Теchnology of storing, assembling and installation cooling equipment is provided by leading Dutch and German manufacturers.
The walls are made of high quality heat insulation panels. Storage is divided into three blocks. Each bloc has a separate cooling equipment with the cooling capacity of 1,5 МW. Each bloc is divided into 5 cooling cells for more convenient placement of different types of products.

Commercial Offers

In addition to regular monthly storage, we have developed and implemented in practice three basic ways of cooperation with farmers:
Traditional seasonal storage:

- Minimum storage capacity is 100 boxes;
- Minimum storage period is 6 months;

- 100% advance payment for the first month of storage.

Box Making for Storing of Vegetables

To ensure the ideal conditions for storing of vegetables, the company Green Team is manufacturing and assembling wooden containers in the premises of its own sawing workshop.
Our wooden containers are made of high-quality Carpathian spruce. The base of the box is strengthened with planks of hardwood, wood (oak and acacia) for greater resistance to impact from the forklift. We produce high quality assembled boxes with aesthetic execution, which can also be used for multi-level storage (up to 8 layers).

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