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Succeeding Stories of Niche Cultures: Butternut Squash & Sweet Potatoes

Green Tim continues to actively collaborate with the UHBDP Ukrainian Fruit And Vegetable Business Development Project.
On May 17, 2018, Andrey Kozlov (director of the Dniprovska Pearlyna farm) took part in the Work Shop "Success Stories of Niche Cultures" as a speaker and gladly gained ground with the participants in his own experience of growing Butternut Squash and so far unusual for Ukraine Cultures like Sweet Potatoes.
Particularly interesting was the participants to listen to our own - experimental - technology of growing and reproduction of Sweet Potatoes, profitability and prospects of cultivating this exotic culture. A few years ago we received a small amount of seed material from the UK, and this year Sweet Potatoes have already been planted on 10 hectares of our farm.
Although Sweet Potatoes in Ukraine have not yet gained popularity among consumers, in the European market demand for it is steadily increasing. Therefore, Sweet Potatoes is a promising culture for Ukrainian growers in terms of export opportunities.
Additionally the advantage of Sweet Potatoes is its resistance to diseases and the fact that the Colorado beetle is completely indifferent to it.
In the photo: Director of Dniprovska Pearlyna Andrey Kozlov during the presentation
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