Monday, 11 July 2016 06:24

Potato season has started

On the «Dnyprovska Perlyna» fields the harvest season of 2016 has started.

On the 28th of June the first 20 tons of potatoes were  gathered and sent to the BILLA nets of supermarkets. This year the Green Team company started its cooperation with BILLA Ukraine to carry out a media project which is called «BILLA GARDENS». The project aims to increase confidence and loyalty of consumers to the fruits and vegetables which are produced domestically.

Attention is focused on individual consumer product characteristics (sort, quality, taste references, production features from Ukrainian manufacturer). Each product will have individual communication.

On specially designed postcard it will be specified the region of origin of the product on the map Ukraine and the manufacturer's name. Photos «from the fields» will represent visual information of the products origin and people who are growing it.

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