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The world is changing. How is Vegetable World changing?

On February 25, 2016 Green Team ran its Annual Conference.

This year the Conference was held under the title of "The world is changing. How is Vegetable World changing?"

Participants were convinced that Vegetable Word is changing actively too!

Innovative anti-stress technologies for growing vegetables, ozonic environment for storage and transportation, successful experience in selling frozen vegetables on foreign markets - all this is an indicator of positive changes in the vegetable market.

Green Team Conference was attended by nearly 100 farmers of the region. 25 world-known suppliers exhibited a wide range of seed material and plant protection products on specialized exhibition.

In total, more than 160 people (including guests and media sponsors) took part in the Conference this year, among which were:

- representatives of “APK-Inform: Vegetables & Fruits”;

- “Plantator” magazine, media partner of the Conference;

- “Fruits and Vegetables” magazine;

- “Ovochivnytstvo” magazine;

- local media;

- professors and graduate students from Tavria State Agrotechnical University. 

Speakers for this year's conference were represented both by our local growing experts and by representatives of outstanding production companies, successfully implementing new approaches and diversification principles of agricultural production in practice.

All presentations were informative and interesting.

The Chief Agronomist of Dniprovska Perlyna farm, Viktor Rudenko, shared his experience of growing vegetables in extreme conditions during the last season. The farmers were highly impressed by the results of anti-stress program, applied by Viktor after heavy rain and windstorm.

Quality Director of Green Team, Oksana Bondarenko, spoke in detail about common vegetable diseases and systematic approaches being used for continuous monitoring of product quality during storage. The systematic approach allows us to quickly respond to any slightest change in product quality and make the right decisions.

Auditor of Green Team, Nataliya Korin, briefed the audience on changes in Ukrainian tax legislation in a funny way (as far as it is possible in a context of complicated current legislation). She also advised managers to appreciate and cherish their accountants, because their experience and reliability greatly affect company’s performance (whether it will be possible to optimize costs and avoid unnecessary fees and penalties or not).

Logistics and especially exports of fruit and vegetables are not possible without proper packaging. International packaging standards for vegetable and fruit production were represented by Aleksandr Anisimov, founder of Vital Trade, a company dealing with package production and having overseas offices in both Poland and Moldova.

The great interest was provoked by presentation of Mariana Vakulchik (Harvest-Trade), who shared their experience of Ukrainian frozen products entering the European market. Frozen onions, carrots, pumpkins, fruit and berries are divided into quality classes: from 1 class (1 cm diced)  to small fraction (gritted product). Harvest-Trade, a relatively young company (founded in 2014), has shown that upon condition of skillful marketing EVERYTHING can be sold! 

Representative of Ukrainian Association of Potato Producers, Dmitriy Zinchenko, briefed farmers with new high-performance potato varieties.

Sergey Pugach, Head of technology department of Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology, spoke about the latest developments in production of industrial ozonizors and ozonic systems used for storage facilities as well as successful practice of their application not only for storage cells, but also during sea and road transportation of fruit and vegetables.

After the plenary part of the Conference, a special charity auction took place. Auction details will be posted later on Green Team website.

The Conference ended with guided Green Team production tour, traditional coffee break and informal communication.

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