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First five years of Green Team operating on Fresh Vegetable Market

On November 11, 2015 Green Team celebrated its five-year anniversary.

Is five years of development and operation on unpredictable Ukrainian fresh vegetable market a short or a long period?  It was obviously a long and hard way of establishing a developing business on unpredictable vegetable market.  

During five years, we gained our own experience in meeting quality requirements regarding long-term vegetable storage, assessing advantages of certain varieties/hybrids and their consumer appeal. We established a strong cooperation with local farmers and all-Ukrainian retail chains. In five years Green Team being a start-up business, turned to be a market leader on fresh vegetable market. Today we work in partnership with large-scale vegetable producers of Kherson region and leading retail chains, such as ATB-market, BILLA, METRO etc.

We learned not only how to store, but also how to grow vegetables on our own farm. If at the beginning of our activity our vegetable storage capacity of 50 000 tons was hardly filled with 30% vegetable products (due to low quality vegetables, unsuitable for long-term storage), Green Team storage is now filled with 100% high-quality vegetables grown by local producers.

Our Company’s team is in constant search of new opportunities and business ideas.

We managed to refocus our business from the lost Russian market into Europe one relatively quickly.

Demanding European consumers come to gradually increase their usage of Ukrainian onions.

This year Green Team has implemented the project on Production of Peeled Onions, being successfully exported to Great Britain. We actively promote our domestic products worldwide and strengthen our market position.

Green Team continues to increase our vegetable production capacity. We mainly grow onions, carrots, cabbage and experiment with different varieties, including the Savoy and Brussels cabbage, which are not that widespread on Ukrainian vegetable market. We use only high quality seeding material to grow seedlings for planting in open ground on Dniprovska Perlyna farm.

That is why we have chosen our own Dniprovska Perlyna farmstead to celebrate Green Team’ s five-year anniversary.

The celebration was organized by our own forces: we made borsch and stewed cabbage from vegetables grown on our farm. While the dinner was cooking, our close-knit team planted fruit trees on a vacant lot near Dniprovska Perlyna dining room.  This is how Green Team celebrated its five-year anniversary – happily and productively!  

For photo report of Green Team five-year anniversary celebration, please follow the link below: 


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