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Green Team has received GLOBAL G.A.P Certificate

On August 28, Green Team has received Global G.A.P certification of own-brand vegetable products: onions, cabbage and red beet
We have come a long and laborious way to obtain the Global G.A.P certificate (G.A.P.- Good Agricultural Practice).
Global G.A.P certificate implies recognition of the reliability and quality of our products, the ability to supply vegetables to European supermarket chains. As of today, Global G.A.P standards are recognized in more than 100 countries, opening new opportunities for Ukrainian producers.
Global G.A.P certificate is testimony to the fact that
  • Green Team vegetables are grown on healthy soils;
  • appropriate conditions for employees are created;
  • waste disposal standards are followed;
  • application of plant protection products is carried out in accordance with EU rules and regulations;
  • biological environment is not disturbed.
The certificate has its own number (GGN), allowing to identify certified products of a particular company. Validity period of the certificate is 1 year. After the end of the validity period, the producer needs to be audited by certification center to receive new certificate. Therefore, vegetable production according to Global G.A.P standards is a continuous Improvement Process, Infrastructure Development and Implementation of Best Practices.
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