Thursday, 30 July 2015 08:18

New Prospects for Dniprovska Perlyna farm

Green Team begins implementation of Own Growing Project to cultivate vegetables of Borsch set.
The Company plans to grow onions, carrots and beets on an irrigated area of 50 ha on Dniprovska Perlyna farm.
 Leading specialists intend to apply advanced technologies to grow vegetable for long-term storage. Such an experience will lead to a better understanding of the problems arising during long-term storage.  
Moreover, 5 ha land plot is allocated by the farm to conduct hybrid research of different varieties of onions and cabbage for further storage. Information on different hybrids’ quality indicators received during storage, will be provided to all participating seed companies.
 We believe own vegetable production is a road to successful storage, since growing, storage and pre-sales preparation are the links in one process chain.
For information:  Dniprovska Perlyna, PJSC is located in Kozachi Laheri village, Tsyurupynsk district, Kherson region.  Total land area of the farm is 1209 ha, 450 ha of which are irrigated. Water intake is carried out from the Dnieper River through a pumping station.


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