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Large seed companies’ representatives spoke about the prospects of the current season: “The main thing is to remain optimistic!”

In the March issue Plantator magazine published a quite extensive review material regarding the results of the practical conference, which took place in Green Team multifunctional vegetable storage facility.

The author of the material, Oksana Ruzhenkova, paid the main attention to the vegetable market assessment on immediate prospects made by the leading experts, whom she managed to talk to during her stay in Kakhovka. Although the analysts forecast that the vegetable market dynamics in 2015/16 season will be reduced by 30-40%, large B2B companies’ opinion is somewhat different.

Igor Solskiy, Director of Bejo Ukraine, notes that seed sales volumes were stable in the current season and professional customers did not significantly reduce the volume of purchases of seeds.
Shovkoplyas Aleksander, Managing director of Agroalliance Ukraine Ltd, is also positive that large-scale vegetables producers (50 ha or more) will not reduce onion growing areas this year.
Manager of Seminis, Viktor Vasin, believes that vegetable market reduction will take place, but it will not exceed 15-20% in large-sale farms.
Sergey Shin, Director of Hazera Ukraine, feels confident that one should not expect extra-large sky-high earnings and profitability. The main thing is to remain optimistic: there are many drivers in Ukrainian market, which quickly respond to market change and find a way out of any challenging situation.  All representatives of seed companies without exception point out that the demand for cheap seeds has increased on the part of allotment gardeners and private households.

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