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Every reasonable effort is made to ensure that this website contains accurate and up-to-date information. However, despite the desire of Green Team Ltd. to provide the fullest and most timely information on the website, the site owner is not responsible for the relevance and any other of its qualities.
By this Green Team LLC does not provide any assurances regarding the suitability of any data and information published on the site for any purposes, for example, included into the documents, graphic materials in any form. All information, materials and graphics are provided "as is" and without warranties. By this Green Team LLC disclaims any warranties and liabilities in connection with this information, including all warranties of suitability that are meant for specific purposes, rights and non-infringement.
When accessing this site and using its content, all risks and responsibilities associated with it are assigned to the user. In no event shall Green Team LLC be liable for all direct, actual, indirect or consequential damages, as well as losses of any other kind, arising from loss of useability, loss of information, loss of profit (both due to contract and due to negligence or other negligent acts) and resulted from the use or application of the information contained on this website or related thereto.
The information published on this website is intended for general information and can not be used in any way as guidance, practical or commercial advice. In this regard, LLC "Green Tim" does not bear any responsibility for direct or indirect damage caused by the use of materials posted on this site. Information on the product range, its composition and properties is not intended to be used instead of the information contained on the package directly in the sales networks.
Information, documents and accompanying graphic materials published on this site may contain technical errors and typos. The provided information is amended from time to time. At any time Green Team LLC has the right to make changes and / or additions to the descriptions of services, products and/or a program (programs) contained herein. In this regard, a visitor to this site should be aware of and take risks associated with misunderstanding and interpretation of the information provided. The information given is intended only for users of Ukraine.

Requests and "Feedback"
Requests and other "Feedback" sent to Green Team LLC through this website should not contain questions about personal confidential data of individuals and their families. If any user of the information, documents contained herein, will send us information including feedback data (questions, comments, suggestions, etc.) that relate to the content of this information, documents, then such information will not be considered confidential .
Green Team LLC does not bind itself with any obligations with respect to such information and has the right to reproduce, use, disclose and transmit it to other persons without restrictions.
Your use of this site can be registered.
Green Team LLC has the right to use this information for statistical purposes, as well as to ensure continuous communication and improvement of our site. If you can not agree with the above policy, please do not use this site.
Requests and other "Feedback" sent to Green Team LLC through this site are not considered to be official, and do not oblige Green Team LLC to react to them, to take certain actions etc.
All rights are reserved by the owner of the site Green Team LLC.

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